Finding Out What Your Competition Is Up To

When it comes to comparing web traffic, it is important to understand SEO. SEO stands for search engine otimization and is a digital marketing strategy that improves your website’s rankings in search results — and eventually boosts traffic to your website.

When you want to compare the traffic of two sites, you need to use website analysis tools These tools allow you to check and compare website traffic volume.

Web analysis tools allow you to monitor key metrics like:

  • Number of site visitors
  • Traffic source
  • Average time per visit
  • Pages per visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Search terms

These tools allow you to get a better understanding on how many people visit your site, how much time they spend exploring your site and how they got there. You can also collect data on demographics and the behaviors of your customers who buy your products or services.

Five analysis tools to help you compare the traffic of two websites

  1. Google Analytics Benchmarking is a free feature of Google Analytics that you can use to see what traffic your competition is getting. This feature allows you to compare your data with data from other companies. Not all companies share their data so you have to find other ways.

Since you can’t access your competitors’ Google Analytics accounts, this tool is a great benchmarking resource to help you stay ahead of the competition.

2. AdClarity. AdClarity is a great tool for analyzing your competition’s social media and website traffic. This tool gives you an great look at your competitor’s advertising tactics and performance.

With AdClarity, you can identify popular traffic sources and gain insight into what platforms other business owners use.

If a competitor’s ad campaigns jives with your target market, you may want to consider using a similar strategy.

3. Alexa. Alexa is one of the most popular web audience analysis tools out there, and it’s fantastic for comparing web traffic.

You get access to vital information like top site lists. With top site lists, this allows you to see the top sites that rank for a keywords, have the most engagement, and more. It also lets you see how you rank compared to top competitors.

4. QuantcastQuantcast is one of the best website audience analysis tools to help you with comparing website traffic. This tool measures different behaviors across many devices, like cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers. It also enables you to look at different platforms.

5. SimilarwebSimilarweb is a free website tool that helps you analyze your performance and your competitors. This tool enables you to compare web traffic through various metrics.

So there you have it.

If you like to do research then go for it. You’ll get tons of data. If you don’t like doing it, hire it out. Find a freelancer on Fiver. Tell them what you’re looking for and have them put the findings in a spreadsheet.

It will save you some time. Time is money.

OK Good luck and happy traffic comparison shopping.